Paul B.

Paul Baker is a longtime resident of Hyde Park. He has been part of the Chicago community of Samatha practitioners since its beginning in 2003. Paul is certified to teach by the teachers of the UK Samatha Trust, and assists in the organization and teaching of other Samatha practice events throughout the year in Hyde Park

Paul B. instructs the following:
  • Samatha Meditation (Donation)
  • Samatha meditation is a form of breathing-mindfulness meditation drawn from the Thai Theravada Buddhist Monastic tradition. Brought to Britain in the 1960's, the traditional practice was introduced to laypeople through a graduated series of steps. This same practice began to be taught in Chicago in 2003. The simple stages of the graduated course help introduce the beginning meditator to the possibility of deeper and subtler mental cultivation, while the completed course provides the regular practitioner with a flexibility that allows the practice to grow with his or her individual experience. The aim of samatha meditation is to foster the development of calm and clarity. It is appropriate for everyone who breaths, Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike.

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