Olivia B.

I first encountered yoga after soccer-related knee-injury in high school. I was drawn to the calm state of mind a good yoga class created, so I began practicing yoga in a variety of styles. But the more I practiced, the more questions I had. The turning point for me was taking a class from an Iyengar-trained Ashtanga vinyasa teacher in Las Vegas. I knew I had found the style for me. I loved the discipline, focus, and intelligence behind the Ashtanga primary series, but I still had more questions than answers. I wanted to know how to make Ashtanga and its benefits more accessible to yoga students at all ages and stages of practice. I traveled to Mysore, India for my 200 hour teacher training, where I learned how to teach the practice to students at every level with the use of blankets, blocks, straps and other yoga props. I see the physical practice of yoga, no matter the style, as a pathway toward a deeper, more transformative way to live one's life to the fullest. My wellness journey has introduced me to Pilates, another beautiful, intricate, and alignment oriented practice. I am very interested in its rehabilitative and pre-habilitative applications. As I complete Chaturanga's intensive Pilates teacher training, I am excited to integrate the best of both disciplines and allow their innate intelligence to complement each other. Whether for Pilates or yoga, I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Olivia B. instructs the following:
  • Yoga Flow (1)

  • Yoga Foundations (1)
  • It's said that a yoga student is a beginner for the first fifteen years of practice. That means there is a wide range of experience, ability, and proficiency among students in a beginning yoga class. And that doesn't even take into account other variables among students, such as age, injury, level of health and fitness, and normal body biases (most humans are not perfectly symmetrical). Accessible to students of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels, Yoga Foundations (also known as Hatha Yoga) is a great way to manage and reduce the stress caused by daily life. In this class, learn the fundamentals of yoga in a relaxed and fun environment.

    Richard Freeman once said, "Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are giving space to what is. We are allowing other people to be what they are, and we are sanctioning our own bodies and our own minds to fully manifest." Yoga allows us to return to this present moment, and in this moment we can begin to discover the essence of our true self, our true nature. The meaning of the word Hatha conveys the intention of bringing two worlds of opposition together. The physical postures within Yoga Foundations, or Hatha Yoga, gives us access to the mind and our heart by balancing and joining together "ha" meaning sun or masculine energy with "tha" meaning moon or feminine energy while deeply exploring the relationship of the inhale and exhale (pranayama).

  • Yoga Flow (1-2)
  • Yoga Flow (also known as Vinyasa Yoga, which means "linking") links breath to movement; every movement has a breath that corresponds. Creating energy, movement, and heat within the body through a sequence of breath-synchronized movements. During this flow class you will be guided to move from one pose to the next during an inhale or exhale.

  • Pilates Equipment (1-2)
  • Mixed Level Pilates Equipment classes are appropriate for most levels of fitness. In Mixed Level classes, you will continue working to develop foundation Pilates skills, such as stability in the pelvis and low back and spinal elongation, in a variety of challenging contexts. You will also be introduced to new exercises that build shoulder stabilization and upper body strength and challenge your strength and coordination. Some experience with the Pilates Level 1 classes is highly recommended before enrolling in Mixed Level Classes.

  • Yoga Flow (1-2) with Gong
  • This is a mixed level Vinyasa Flow class with a restorative gong bath during savasana, the final relaxation posture. 

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