Akhu D.

Akhu was born in San Diego, CA and moved to Chicago as a toddler. Having traveled often since the age of 18, and even living abroad for several years, (Japan/Holland/Nigeria) Akhu considers himself to be a world citizen. (among other things). Akhu has lived/is living many lives in this incarnation, including the life of a Father of 3 beautyfull boys, a poet, an author, a U.S. Marine, an information systems engineer/consultant, a philanthropist, a Reiki healer, and his current passion that has brought you here now. 

After responding to a tech support issue at Chaturanga's studio, Akhu met the owner of Chaturanga, Marylee, just days before Chaturanga's grand opening. Marylee and Akhu conversed, and vibed well enough that they agreed on bartering their business' services. Akhu soon after joined Chaturanga's worktrade team and since then, Akhu has been at the forefront, and behind the scenes promoting and supporting Chaturanga every way possible...with none more pertinent than as a Yoga instructor.

After attending Chaturanga's first Yoga teacher training course, Akhu was certified and as even a surprise to him, he has been teaching Yoga faithfully since that day in 2013 when he received his C.Y.T. status.
After nearly 10 years of personal practice, and more than three years instructing, Akhu has organically honed the skart(skill/art) of helping others go deeper into their practice...Deeper into their breath...And most importantly, deeper into the moment of here & now. Many have commented feeling as if they were hypnotized throughout the Yoga practice with Akhu, yet he insists that in his class, you are freed from the hypnosis of the media, the society, and the world...and you are once again reunited with real life, which exist right here...right now, nowhere else. Helping others to become powerfully present is Akhu's gift to his students in each & every class he instructs.

With a rich understanding of the importance of the breath, Akhu is a wonderful instructor for beginners as well as yogis that are more advanced in their practice. He is also a well spring of wisdom, knowledge, and genuine love for all that come and share their practice with him.

Akhu D. instructs the following:

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