Anat Baniel Method


Most people function with a self-image that is far from complete or accurate, with little awareness of many parts of the body. The parts of the body easily defined in their awareness are those that serve them daily, while parts that are missing or dull have played only indirect roles in their lives and are essentially missing in their self-image, and thus absent in their motions. Limitations in our awareness are what restrict us in our movements, our sensations, our feelings and our thoughts. They drain vitality and keep us from realizing our actual potential.


In yoga, martial arts and other traditional movement learnings, students are seeking change and improvements, but often find that they are stuck with their own characteristic limitations. Frustrated with limitations that seem to be caused by ourselves, we tend to look to inspiring teachers for ways to change. However, looking to others for feedback can also get in the way of our ability to connect with ourselves. If we look towards more internal sources for self-image, (instead of relying on others to confirm for us who we are) then we can connect with ourselves and open pathways to deep change.


The Anat Baniel Method is built from the ground up on principles that allow students to become more aware of their own experiences. By starting with self awareness, and by returning to it via endless pathways, ABM teaches students to put the learning of how-to-do in the background, and instead focus on learning how-to-learn.


What you will find in ABM:
  • no imitation of others
  • training in ‘awaring’ HOW you move
  • training in how to move from intention to action
  • differentiation/awareness of the body and structures your brain uses to make you move
  • that differentiation is the basic unit of learning used by the brain
  • experience of learning as intrinsically pleasurable
  • discovery that learning is the source of vitality
  • that you can trust your brain to choose the easy way
  • that taking the easy way opens rich possibilities
  • yourself as your own teacher
  • relief from pain and tension
  • joy

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