What do I need to know if I am coming to Chaturanga for the first time?

If you are a Chaturanga newcomer, Welcome!  Please arrive to class a few minutes early so that you may fill out our registration card.  There may be another class in progress, so please enter quietly.  We ask that you silence your cell phone before entering the studio space.

You will want to wear comfortable workout clothing, suitable for stretching and possibly sweating.  In the winter, we ask clients to leave their shoes outside in the hallway, so protect our beautifully cherry floors from damage.  There are also storage spaces for your shoes, coats and other belongings inside.

Yoga and Pilates mats, and all other small props are available for your use, free of charge.  You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer.  Some of our clients even prefer to store their mats at the studio.  We set aside a safe place for clients’ mats.


What do I need to bring and wear to Yoga/Pilates class?

Comfortable clothing (t-shirts, fitness wear, stretch pants, etc.) is appropriate for all classes at Chaturanga.  All yoga and Pilates classes are done in bare feet or socks.  The studio has ample yoga and Pilates mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, and everything else you will need.  Many students prefer to bring their own mat to yoga classes, and we provide storage for those who wish to leave their mat at the studio.  You may wish to bring your own reusable bottle of water.


What do I need to know before I come to Zumba or other dance classes?

Wear comfortable clothing (t-shirts, fitness wear, stretch pants, shorts, etc.) for dance classes at Chaturanga.  You will want to wear your sneakers for Zumba classes, but all other dance classes (samba, belly dance, Capoeira, etc.) are typically done in bare feet.

Water bottles and cups for water are available at Chaturanga, however we encourage you to consider the environmentally-friendly option of bringing your own reusable water bottle to class.

Every Zumba and dance instructor is different.  We do not have different levels of dance classes, as most classes are appropriate for all levels (Capoeira is an exception and is considered a more advanced class).  If you are concerned that a dance class will be too hard, you are encouraged to try it out.  You can always tone down the moves and take a rest, if needed.  Eventually, you will build up your stamina and coordination.  Really!


I am not sure if a class is right for me.  Where can I learn more about what to expect in specific classes?

Class descriptions and teacher bios are posted on our schedule page.  Click here to view our Schedule and find out more about classes, class times and teacher bios.

As a general rule, Level 1 classes are appropriate for beginners, Level 2 for experienced students, and Level 1-2 classes accommodate students with multiple levels of ability.  Hatha yoga classes tend to be better for beginning students, as Vinyasa yoga classes are faster-paced and more vigorous.


Where can I find out about Upcoming Workshops and Special Events?

Click here for Upcoming Workshops.


How is parking at Chaturanga?

There are several good parking options at Chaturanga.

  • Harper Avenue (just west of the Deco Arts Building) offers free  and unrestricted parking 7 days a week, except between the hours of 3pm and 6pm Mondays through Saturdays, when parking is restricted on all but a small strip of the street.
  • Free street parking is available just a short distance west on 55th
  • Ample metered parking spots line Lake Park Avenue and 55th street (east of the Metra tracks) and right in front of the Deco Arts building entrance


How can I rent space at Chaturanga and what are the rental rates and policies?

Please see our Studio Rental Rates and Policies page.


How do I create a personal Mindbody account?  Why should I?

It is not necessary to create your own login for Mindbody, the online software that we use for scheduling classes.  Advantages of doing so are that you can pay for classes online, pre-register for workshops and special events, and check the status of your class packages (Mix & Match, Pilates Equipment, and Zumba) from home.

To create your own login, go to our My Account page and create an account.


What is your policy for canceled or substituted classes?

It is our policy to always try to find a substitute for classes when a teacher is unable to be there.  When this happens, we will do our best to indicate the substitution on our online schedule and in the “Upcoming Events and Schedule Updates” portion of our home page.  Occasionally unforeseen circumstances, such as sudden instructor illness or unavailability of a substitute teacher, may require us to cancel a class.  When this is the case, we will try to call all students who have attended the class in the past several weeks, to notify them of the cancellation.


I would like to receive your enewsletter.  How can I sign up?

Our enewsletter is the primary way to stay in the loop about schedule changes, upcoming events, and other news pertinent to the Chaturanga community.  If you filled out a registration card (and included your email address), you should be receiving our enewsletter.  If not, check your email’s spam filter settings.  If you still aren’t receiving emails from us, sign up by entering your name and email address in the space at the lower left hand corner of our site.


I would like to unsubscribe from your enewsletter.  How can I opt out?

To unsubscribe to the enewsletter, click “unsubscribe” at the very bottom of your latest e-newsletter correspondence.  It’s that easy.


I am interested in the work-trade program at Chaturanga.  How does it work?  Are there openings available?  How can I get involved?

Chaturanga offers a limited number of work-trade slots.  In exchange for volunteering to work the front desk for 3.5 hours, you receive unlimited free classes and half-price for Pilates equipment classes.  If interested, please email: manager@chaturangafitness.com.

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