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I began my Pilates journey in 2000, on the recommendation of a physical therapist. In my case, it was hyper-mobility, a condition of being too flexible, which led to my injuries. Pilates showed me the importance of balancing flexibility and muscular strength and I became certified to teach in 2004. Since that time, I have observed hundreds of bodies over thousands of Pilates sessions. I am graduate of the Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago, and in 2013 I became certified in KMI Structural Integration (www.anatomytrains.com).  My passion is working with physical therapists and chiropractors to coordinate exercise and massage regimens that help clients achieve sustained results.  In my Pilates sessions, body and mind unite on a journey of self-discovery. Through focused observation of your body in motion, you will build postural strength and balance and experience a renewed enjoyment of vital movement both on the mat and in your every day life.
I was born and raised in Hyde Park, a community where mind dominates body. My husband and I have raised three children here. I have been a freelance writer over the past 30 years and a yoga student for the past fifteen. I completed yoga teacher training at the Temple of Kriya in June, 2010. I discovered yoga, as so many do, after suffering an injury. It was the subtle parts of the practice that captivated me—“inhale, lift the sternum; exhale, soften the back.” The grosser parts—“inhale, lift the legs; exhale, place the feet on the floor over the head”—tended to repel me, and that has increased over the years because I’m aging at a faster pace than I am mastering yoga poses. The happiest yoga for me is slow and subtle, so that’s the yoga I teach. Slowing down the practice gives the body time to teach the mind. Usually we listen to our bodies only when they’re complaining, but when we do a little yoga, our bodies show us equipment we didn’t even know we had. Whether we are old, young, brittle, or callow we have treasures inside that, if we can activate them, will make us feel freer. Yoga activates our insides to give us a little breathing room. The teachers who have illuminated this principle for me are UnSoo Kim, Sue Rexford, Cynthia Latimer, and Mary Samano. Believing, as I do, that yoga is for everyone, I teach yoga from the bottom up, one pose at a time, often one piece of a pose at a time. In class we set up the foundation for a pose first, then we align the joints and stack the bones, and finally, we move into the pose. We hold the pose until our form or breath becomes compromised. Depending on the student, the poses can be held for one breath or ten or more breaths. This means we don't move quickly from one pose to another. While we hold the pose we explore what's going on inside the body, for instance, how the placement of the feet can release tension in the lower back or how the grounding of the shoulders frees the neck. The complexity of the body and the poses are a continuing source of information for all students. My goal for students is to enjoy the class while they're there; to be able to use what they have (body, mind, and breath); to ground and decompress through movement, breath, and rest. If a student should become more flexible, or stronger, after a few classes, that's icing on the cake.
Keom has been practicing yoga for over two decades, and has been teaching for eleven years. He was certified at Yogaview and YogaState, and has experience in Viniyaga, Anusara, Iyengar, Tantra Hatha and Ashtanga. Erich Schiffmann, who teaches Freedom Style Yoga, is a strong influence for Keom. Keom also has several years experience with Vipassana Meditation and is a certified Thai Body Worker. Keom is also currently a trainee in Chaturanga's pilates teacher training.
Ever since I can remember, I loved to dance. Growing up, I took ballet and jazz, loving every minute of it! As a teen, I took a great interest in Latin music and naturally dancing to the different styles followed. Teaching Zumba has allowed me to do something I LOVE and inspire people to keep moving and seek better health. However, my class is not just that- we bond, we become friends, we grow strong. After that, nothing seems impossible! ‚Ä®Movement in Zumba inspires people to change more than just their diets. You might just find yourself liking a “workout”, or maybe that your attitude is just a little more positive.
Began her dancing career with Sundance Productions where she was trained in African and Caribbean dance techniques. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in theatre and dance with an emphasis in dance. Zumba incorporates and allows her to show her love for Latin, African and Caribbean culture, music and dance styles and is eager to share and spread this love with her students.
Dianna Oles began her formal study of yoga in 2001 with all the major Hatha schools. She has trained extensively with Rod Stryker (Tantra) and Tias Little as well as many other master teachers including an apprenticeship with Gabriel Halpern for therapeutic yoga (Iyengar tradition) and Matt Huish (Shadow/Nadi Yoga). She deepened her practice of meditation, Ayurveda, chanting, and philosophy while living in India and has taught in ashrams & meditation centers. Dianna is an unquenchable seeker and shares practices to reconnect with the deep intelligence we all naturally possess. In her classes you will be challenged to cultivate awareness and encouraged to explore from the inside out helping to unify body, mind and spirit. She is an excellent conduit bringing ancient tradition to modern practice. Having earned her MA in Asian Studies, she reads Literary Chinese, Sanskrit and Tamil source texts which continue to inspire her teaching. In addition to teaching and continued study, Dianna works directly with brain-injury patients, studies karnatik singing, and spends a lot of time soaking in nature.
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