Ah, the mind. So full of wants and whims, worries and hopes, doubts and certainties.  Meditation offers the opportunity to observe and connect with what exists beyond the chatter of our daily internal dialogues.  In directing attention to the breath, we have a chance to notice our habitual ways of thinking and to experience energetic sensations in the body without being overwhelmed by, or retreating from them.  In getting to know our own minds, we cultivate a friendlier attitude towards ourselves and others.  In other words, meditation can teach us how to relate more directly to our lives as they really are.

Through ongoing special workshops and classes at Chaturanga, you may explore a range of meditative practices, from various forms of seated mindfulness-meditation practices, to moving meditation practices such as Anat Baniel/Feldenkrais, Tai Chi, Yoga Nidra, and more.


Meditation teachers:

Paul Baker (Samatha Meditation)
Michael Eastwood (“Neuro Fitness” – Anat Baniel Method)
V’La Gonzales (Tai Chi)
Diana Oles (Yoga Nidra)


 Chaturanga Holistic Fitness is pleased to host two donation-based sitting Meditation classes, and one donation-based meditative yoga class.

Samatha Meditation classes on Sunday evenings at 7:30 pm. This class teaches a graduated form of breathing-mindfulness practice and is open to all levels of experience, including beginners.  The evening includes:  instruction, seated practice, and a chance for tea and conversation. The teaching is free, but we welcome donations to support this use of our space.

Yoga Nidra on Fridays at 4pm.

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