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Personalized Pilates Offerings

Focus on individual goals in one-on-one or semi-private sessions with our experienced trainers. Gain strength and flexibility and learn to move efficiently to reduce risk of injury and improve performance of daily activities. No training modality is better suited to building functional core strength and teaching healthy movement, than Pilates.  Pilates exercises with equipment are highly versatile, making this a safe and appropriate practice for any body.  Pre-registration is required.

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Integrative Pilates Equipment with Senior Teacher

Private and semi-private Integrative Pilates Equipment Sessions with the Chaturanga Studio Owner include assessment and bodywork in addition to Pilates Equipment.  They are an excellent short-term or ongoing option for those with a history of injury or chronic pain and those looking to improve movement patterns for athletic performance.  Click here for a brochure on Integrative Pilates sessions.

Tier Two Teacher

Tier Two Teachers have at least one full year of Pilates Teaching experience and have completed at least 600 hours of intensive training and certification in Pilates mat and equipment. 

Apprentice Teacher

Tier One Teachers are currently enrolled in Chaturanga's rigorous Pilates Teacher Training Program.   

To register for a pilates session, click the link at the top of the page, email, or call the studio at 773.358.2998.

Pilates Prices and Policies

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Meet Our Pilates Instructors

Senior Teacher




Apprentice Teachers

Our team will be welcoming 5 new apprentices this fall! Stay tuned for details.

Learn more about our Pilates Mat and Equipment instructors on the Instructor Bios page.


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