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Pilates mat and equipment classes empower you with tools to move and feel better. Pilates Mat classes take place in our main studio and Pilates Group Equipment classes occur in our dedicated Pilates Equipment studio.  Pilates Equipment uses spring resistance to add support and challenge to your workout. A range of apparatus--including the Reformer, Exo Chair, Tower, Arc, and Jumpboard--ensure endless new challenges. Pilates Mat classes may have up to 20 people, whereas Group Equipment classes are limited to three to six people per instructor. Participation in Level 2 classes may require teacher approval. Pre-registration is required for all Pilates Group Equipment classes. Click the link above to register, or click here for easy-to-follow instructions on pre-registering for Pilates Group Equipment classes. 

Cost for Pilates Mat Classes is $18 for a single class class, or one class credit off of your Mix & Match Pass.  Pilates Group Equipment Classes are $35 for a single class, or two regular class credits off of your Mix & Match Pass class.  New clients: When you purchase the $25 one-week Introductory offer for unlimited yoga, Pilates mat, and Zumba classes, you also receive one free Pilates Group Equipment classes.  This offer is only available while your one-week Introductory pass is active.

Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates Matwork
Pilates is unique among exercise programs in its effectiveness at providing stability for the spine and the joints. It is an excellent practice on its own, but when combined with other practices like running, biking, and yoga, Pilates may totally change the way you approach these activities. Pilates Matwork focuses on a sequence of traditional and contemporary core routines, modified to accommodate individual needs.  Classes often incorporates props like foam rollers, bands, and balls, to add to the fun and challenge. The drop-in rate is $18.  Use your Mix & Match Pass to save more.  

Pilates Therapy
Pilates Therapy Mat Classes are offered twice per week. One part corrective exercise, one part Pilates-based core workout, and one part self-massage using the foam roller and other props, Pilates Therapy covers all the bases. Appropriate for all levels, this class moves at a deliberate pace and heeds best practices for safe exercise making it a great option for people with non-acute chronic back pain, hip replacements, degenerative changes in the spine, autoimmune issues, and transitioning to group exercise from Physical Therapy. The only requirement is the ability to get up and down from the floor. Pilates Therapy is a 50-minute Therapeutic Re-boot Camp for your Body!

Pilates Group Equipment Classes

Pilates Equipment (1)
Pilates Group Equipment Foundations is a Level 1 class designed for people of ALL levels of fitness. The goal is to tech you how to move SMARTER while also getting a great workout and having FUN! The class format has been carefully designed to facilitate graduated learning of functional movement building blocks (the Kinesthetic Milestones™), while minimizing more complex choreography and avoiding exercises that pose a higher risk of injury. The exercises are drawn largely from the traditional Pilates repertoire, with appropriate beginner (and more advanced) modifications always offered as an option. Additional exercises from the fields of physical therapy and corrective exercise are included to round out the movements covered and lend additional choices so that students are continuously challenged without sacrificing the fundamentals.

Pilates Equipment (1-2)
Mixed Level Pilates Group Equipment classes are appropriate for most levels of fitness. In Mixed Level classes, you will continue working to develop foundation Pilates skills, such as stability in the pelvis and low back and spinal elongation, in a variety of challenging contexts. You will also be introduced to new exercises that build shoulder stabilization and upper body strength and challenge your strength and coordination. Some experience with the Pilates Foundations classes is highly recommended before enrolling in Mixed Level Classes.

Pilates Equipment (2-3)
This class moves at a faster pace and introduces more challenging intermediate and advanced Pilates repertoire. Precision and Form are paramount in Pilates, and this class is intended for experienced pilates students who have learned the foundations and therefore "earned the right" to kick things up to the next level!

Pilates Equipment: Osteo Strength
One out of every two women over the age of 50, and one in every four men have low bone density - either osteopenia or osteoporosis. Even younger adults should be thinking about their bone health now - especially if they have a parent who has been diagnosed with one of these conditions. Osteo Strength Pilates Group Equipment class is specifically designed to improve your bone health through the use of weight bearing exercise and optimizing posture. In addition the class will also provide youth theater benefits of Pilates; improving strength, muscle mass, balance and flexibility - all of which can contribute to correct alignment and prevent falls. The class will be careful to avoid those exercises/positions contraindicated for those with reduced bone density. Some experience with Pilates Equipment Level 1 classes is highly recommended before enrolling in Mixed Level Classes. You could get approval from your medical practitioner and/or Physical Therapist before starting anew exercise program.

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