Strength and Toning Routines from Ben St. Juste



Here are the 3 mini workouts that Ben wrote up for those who would like keep up with a strength and toning routine at home. 

Circuit one

Forearm Plank Hold (hold as long as you can)
High Plank Hold (again hold as long as you can)
Standard Squats (feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly turned out, as deep as you can go) 12- 15 reps
Back Lunges (start with feet together, step back with 1 leg, bend back knee to about an inch off of the floor, keep core tight and upper body nice and tall, push off of the back foot and bring back to start. Repeat with other side) 10 reps each side 
Push Ups (It's all about building strength and endurance here!) 12- 15 reps
Try to complete the entire circuit 2-3 times! Remember:PUSH!


Circuit 2

Plank Crawl Down (Our usual warm up exercise. Reach both hands up, fold forward bringing the hands down to the floor, walk the hands out until in high plank position, pause for a second, walk hands back to forward fold, come back to standing, reach up overhead, and repeat!) 8 reps
Shallow Squat with Alternating Lateral Leg Raises (Start with legs shoulder width apart, drop into a shallow squat, as you come back to standing lift left leg out to the side-keeping foot flexed and toes pointed forward- bring the leg back down, immediately going back to squat, repeat on other side) 10- 12 reps each side
Single-Leg Standing Leg Extension (start with feet hip width apart, place hands on hips or out in front of you to help balance, pull the core in tight, pull up the right knee to hip height, extend the leg from the knee without popping the joint. Complete all reps on right leg before moving on to left.) 12-15 reps each side
Supermans with Lat Pull (Lie down on mat in facedown position, arms extended up over head, lift the upper body and legs off the floor by contracting the muscle of the back and legs, as body lifts pull arms down bringing elbows to side in wide 'W', as you lower back down to the mat bring arms back overhead to start position.) 12-15 reps
Front and Lateral Arm Raises (Start with feet hip width apart, knees soft, hands in front of the thighs, lift arms out in front, bring back down to start, then lift out to the sides, and back down to start- that is one rep.) 12-15 reps
Repeat circuit 2-3 times. PUSH yourself!! I know you can do this!! Have fun!

Circuit 3

Deep Push Ups (It's all about depth here! Take the push up as low as you can. WORK!) 8-10 reps
Wide Leg Squats (We all know I love to squat! Take the legs outside of shoulder, toes slightly pointed out. Go as deep as you can, and don't forget to give the glutes a good SQUEEZE on the way up!) 15-20 reps
C-Crunch (With Legs Extended in the air) (Lie down face up, place hands loosely behind the head, extend the legs straight up and crunch. Keep chin out of chest/eyes to ceiling, and keep the elbows open. Work the abdominals!) 15-20 reps
Seated Oblique Twists (Have a seat on mat/floor with knees bent, clasp hands together, lean upper body back slightly and twist side to side, bringing hands to the mat/floor on each side. For added difficulty, lift feet off of the floor and balance using the core.) 20 reps total
Glute/Hip Bridges (Lie down with knees bent, keep legs hip width apart, pull in the abdomen tightly and lift the hips off the ground squeezing the glutes and hamstrings, lower hips back down to start, and repeat!) 
Triceps Dips (Sit on mat with knees bent, heels down, toes up, place hands slightly behind and the hips with hands facing forward, extend arms allowing hips to lift off mat and slide hips forward 1-2 inches, this is the start position, bend arms at the elbows allowing hips to come down to mat, press hands into mat and extend at the elbows allowing hips to be lifted back to start. Repeat.) 12 reps
Try to complete this circuit 2-3 times! 
Important- Please remember that while this serves as a guide, that I want you to move within YOUR range of motion and for you to complete as many repetitions of each exercise as YOU can, be that a little more or a little less than recommended. I believe in each of you and know that you can do this *insert Ben smile here :))* Enjoy the workouts! Happy Holidays!


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