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“I did not really appreciate the benefits of Pilates until I had Marylee as my instructor. She is remarkable! My posture, my strength and mobility have all improved. In particular my Tennis game has benefited because I now am  not as tense and I use the appropriate muscles for the appropriate shots. And I am 71! I highly recommend her.”

— Walter


“I’ve been working with Marylee for about a year and a half, and it’s been a transformative experience. Her attention to detail has changed the way that I observe and move within my own body. Marylee is clearly an expert in physiology, alignment, and all the things you would expect from a skilled Pilates instructor. But more than that, Marylee has the uncanny ability to help her clients slow down, hone their focus, and ultimately heighten their awareness of the particular strengths, weaknesses, and quirks of their own bodies. Not an easy task for an over-scheduled, fast moving, fast talking, Type A-er like myself. While my respect for Marylee’s technical competence is enormous, what’s kept me coming back to her month after month is her delightful personality and teaching style….the simply effortless way that she blends rigor and flexibility, intensity and humor, commitment and compassion. Her dedication to her craft never overshadows her empathy for her clients. And knowing this allows me to continue to laugh with her, even when the Pilates wunda chair makes me want to cry. :) ”

— Sonya


“Marylee offers the perfect combination of patience and knowledge. She worked in conjunction with the onsite chiropractor to tailor my sessions to abating my pain while gaining the strength to use my muscles properly.  She answered all my questions throughly and helped me to understand the why my inappropriate use of muscles, posture and sleep habits had contributed to that pain. Her massage therapy certification only enhanced her ability to explain that connection – it all just came together.  Her enthusiasm for this industry, both of a physical nature and for the therapeutic benefits, was contagious; so contagious in fact that I start my pilates instructor course this fall. I want others to feel the relief that I have and help give them the knowledge (like Marylee did for me) to stay healthy and pain free.”

— Maria


“Having studied under various Romana’s-trained instructors for over six years, I had moved to the South side of Chicago and was looking for a Pilates instructor who would know the classical method, yet would also bring a broader experience with other ways of mind-body improvement.  I knew from experience I would respond best to very positive, encouraging instruction by someone who was comfortable and skilled with giving the right amount of kind, corrective touch.  It seemed like magic when I met Marylee, who, with her intelligent enthusiasm exceeded all these preferences I had for a good instructor, of authentic Pilates.  Her passion for ensuring that I was engaging the right muscles helped me to get the vigorous and rejuvenating Pilates workouts I needed.”

— Cameron


“Marylee Bussard helped me locate the second power house, engage it properly and gave me exercises and adjustments to make when I got a yoga injury in my shoulder that was severe enough that I had to take an extended break in practicing yoga. Thanks to her Pilates classes, individual consultations and advice I was able to restore my shoulder and return to my yoga practice. I gained knowledge, body awareness and a much-improved form. Thank you Marylee!”

— Eva


“I have taken pilates from multiple instructors over the years.  Many of these instructors used the class as an opportunity to get their own workout in, didn’t have sufficient pilates training themselves so were limited in their ability to help others, or had lost their passion for teaching and therefore rushed through the exercises without regard for the level and quality of each student’s ability.  Marylee was different. She learns each student’s level, where they need to improve, and makes sure that each student is doing the exercise correctly.  She also gives us homework based on the areas that we need to strengthen. After working with Marylee, I limited my mat classes, reformer classes and now private sessions to when Marylee is teaching/available.”

— Michele


“I have worked with Marylee for the last six months in two individual Pilates classes a week. I entered Pilates to strengthen my pelvic floor to counter complications caused by prostate surgery.  Marylee was recommended strongly to me, but she has proven to be far better than advertised.  Marylee is simply gifted, both in the extremely effective way she analyzes and retrains muscle groups and in her extraordinary ability to relate to people. She helped me tremendously…”

— Ben


“Marylee is a gifted and talented instructor whose intellectual sophistication and musical creativity make her lessons upbeat and fun which helped me stay in a regular routine. I hadn’t exercised in a long time and hadn’t tried pilates before working with Marylee. Marylee was patient as I developed body awareness and core strength. I saw significant gains in my body tone.”

— Robert W.


“One satisfied customer here! Training under Mary has been a wonderful experience. Mary’s patience and expertise has made me a better Pilate’s student. My posture has so improved that I had myself measured to see if I grew or was actually just standing straighter. Didn’t grow an inch but grew a foot of confidence from Mary’s training.”

— Mary


“I didn’t expect when I began studying Pilates with Marylee that it would result in my becoming taller — I am now 1.25″ taller than when I began! I don’t think that Pilates makes you grow, but I do believe that the emphasis on core strength and overall muscle toning and development has greatly improved my posture, resulting in my standing taller. How amazing is that?”

— Rochelle


“I love Pilates. I’m a long distance runner and let’s just say I’m not very flexible and may forget to stretch before runs every now and then. Marylee is a talented and patient instructor who has taught me so much about my primary and secondary powerhouse, and made me more aware of my body. As a result, my posture has improved and I’m a much better runner.”

— Kate

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