Function Follows Form: The Pilates Fundies!

When architects design tall buildings....
They create solid foundations.
When elite artists and athletes want to excel and sustain high levels of performance....
They master the fundamentals.
If you want to live a long and active life and move without pain....
You learn the ABCs of healthy biomechanics.

Introducing Pre-habilitative Exercise

At Chaturanga, we are committed to keeping our customers happy, healthy, and injury-free for life. That means doing more than taking you through the motions of exercises. In our Pilates program, we want to teach you to recognize and correct movement habits that could be setting you up for injury down the road. This "Prehabilitative" philosophy has traditionally been reserved for elite athletes, whose careers depend on precision of form. Yet, EVERYONE who wants to remain active and feel great can benefit from learning to move better.

After all, you only have one body. Don’t you intend to keep moving for as long as you can?

Learning the fundamentals of functional movement is FUN! The key is that Chaturanga Pilates teachers break these bio-mechanical wisdom nuggets into Chewable Do-ables. So little by little, as your teacher prompts you, your body will learn. It’s really that simple!

The body is an efficiency-seeking machine. It WANTS to find the easiest way to move... but it needs to form new neural pathways to overcome poor movement habits. When you move quickly and don’t pay attention, old habits just get grooved in deeper and deeper. Great Pilates instruction—like we offer at Chaturanga—teaches you to pay attention to how you move, so that not only do your muscles get a great workout, your brain does, too!

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