Chaturanga offers Vinyasa and Hatha yoga classes suitable for beginners (Level 1), for experienced practitioners (Level 2), and blended classes (Level 1-2).  Hatha is the umbrella term for the physical practice of yoga.  All practices that involve poses are forms of Hatha yoga. Hatha is a Sanskrit term that means “direct”, that is, we place our bodies in a position and we notice something about ourselves.  In Hatha, the emphasis is on experiencing a pose in positive stillness rather than flowing or moving from one pose to another.  By contrast, Vinyasa yoga, which derives from Hatha, emphasizes flowing movements synchronized with the breath.  Both Hatha and Vinyasa yoga relax the mind and make the body stronger and more flexible. 


Choosing A Yoga Class 


Because Hatha yoga classes are slower, beginners may prefer to start in a Level 1 Hatha class, where you can focus on individual postures and breathwork.   More experienced students will enjoy Level 1-2 Hatha classes, which offer the opportunity to work on more challenging poses, like arm balances.  For those who prefer a more rigorous pace, Vinyasa 1-2 classes move more quickly, building strength and heat in the body. 


At Chaturanga, you are always the authority on your own body and what you do or do not feel ready to attempt in class.  Teachers will offer different poses and modifications throughout class, but there is never any requirement to do every single pose.  You are welcome to take a resting pose at any time. Props (blocks, straps, blankets) can help to support the body when more space is needed to bring the joints and muscle groups into balance.

Like anything, learning yoga takes time and practice.  Do not expect that you will accomplish all of the poses all at once.  Instead, in a yoga class you will grow to enjoy the process of learning and experiencing something new every step of the way.


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